Hi! I’m Jenna, creator of Jenna Bricher Swim. Not too long ago I started on a journey to help girls like us put some joy into the search for the perfect bikini - shopping for a large bust can be tough! I got tired of just settling for something that would work instead of being excited to invest in a piece that fit well and looked great. Finding something I liked was never the issue – the tops simply never came in a large enough size. Seriously – boobs spilling out everywhere. When I found a top that fit, it seemed like I had crossed over to a weird place where somehow style went out the window and the new mission was solely about utility. Why can’t we have both? I mean, we all want to have our champagne and drink it, too! This is the philosophy behind Jenna Bricher Swim – busty swimwear made easy. Because we’ve all got 99 problems (okay, hopefully a LOT less) but big boobs shouldn’t be one. Cheers!