Our Mission

To serve the D+ community finely crafted, designer-quality, confidence-inspiring swimwear

We obsess over fit because that's what sets us apart.



Starting with a solid foundation is a must for the perfect full bust fit. A 1.5” under bust band is the foundation of support for each of our bikini tops. It sits snuggly under the bust without rolling or sliding up. This allows for the straps to be tied to the perfect fit without pulling the foundation out of place.

No-feel boning plays a critical role in the perfect fit offering the transition between the under bust band and the lace-up back. The boning allows for the suit to be tied without any bunching on the side panel, creating a clean, polished look, and makes sure the back of the suit doesn't ride up. Why is this important? If the back of your suit is riding up, the front is shifting down - and we're only here to lift you up, Babe!

High cut side panels keep the ladies right where they belong - front and center, so you can relax by the water knowing everything will remain perfectly in place. Worry-free is the way to be.

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Four-way stretch fabric hugs the curves of your body for the perfect fit and has excellent shape retention so it won’t stretch out - meaning you can love it for seasons to come!

This soft and breathable fabric is ultra chlorine resistantoil and sun cream resistant, and also resists pilling so it will maintain its appearance for longer than your average suit.

Made from recycled fishnets reclaimed from the ocean, you can swim confidently knowing you're purchase has contributed to ocean clean-up efforts.

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Hi! I'm Jenna, owner and design of Jenna Bricher Swim. As a natural 32H, I know the struggle of shopping for a large bust. You and I both know the experience of walking in and out of fitting rooms hoping to find something that fits, and leaving with nothing. It’s so obnoxious – honestly, having to settle for something that fits less than perfectly is simply below the standards Queens like us require. We’re tired of it, so I created Jenna Bricher Swim to give the busty babes of this world sleek, supportive, classically sexy swimwear. My mission is simple: to create finely crafted, designer quality swimwear that will inspire total boss babe energy.