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How to Find Your Bra Size

How to Find Your Bra Size

You can’t build a great outfit without a solid foundation, but did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? Crazy right? By the end of this post, you’ll be able to easily find your bra size so you can go underwear shopping with confidence. Let’s start with a couple easy measurements, shall we?

What you’ll need:

  • Your best fitting, non-padded bra
  • A soft tape measure OR a string that can be used in its place and held against a measuring tap



How to measure: Make sure the measuring tape is snug against the body, but not tight. As you’re taking the measurement make sure you’re standing up straight and the tape stays parallel to the floor.


Step One: Measure your bust circumference (around the bodice) - measurement ‘A’

Step Two: Measure your band circumference (around the bodice) - measurement ‘B’


We can use my measurements as an example:


            Measurement A: ___ 37.5” ___


            Measurement B: ___ 29” ___



Now for some simple math!


For the band size:


Measurement B + 2 = _______

*If the number is odd, round up to the next even number


Using my numbers as an example: 29 + 2 = 31. Since it’s an odd number, we’ll round up to 32. My band size is a 32.


For the cup size:


Measurement A – Measurement B = _______


Going back to my numbers, we get 8.5 for this part.


Refer to the chart below to find the cup size.


Cup Size






















***Please note this method is to find your US bra size***


Now we simply put these two together: My bra size is a 32H.


Easy, right? It is important to remember that every designer has their own fit model and the fit from brand to brand can vary slightly, but this measurement should get you pretty dang close to a great fit. Are you wearing the right size? Or do you get to go treat yourself to a new under-wardrobe? Either way, now your equipped with all the information you need for a successful trip to your favorite lingerie shop. Hope this helped!



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